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Splendid Palate offers a variety of unique features that set us apart from other private chef providers. ​With our platform, clients can quickly and easily find and book experienced chefs from around the US:

  • Detailed profile with experience and availability
  • Secure, built-in payment system to transfer your money to the chef after the meal
  • Customizable menu options to meet your budget and event needs
  • 24/7 client support to ensure satisfaction
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Splendid Palate is a great platform for creating truly unique and extraordinary dining experiences. ​Whether you are looking for a classic dinner party, an intimate dinner, or a multi-course feast, our ​chefs are ready to create the finest culinary experience for you. Our chefs offer a wide range of ​cuisines, so you can enjoy flavors from all over the world. Additionally, we offer customizations such ​as unique ingredients, special dietary requests, and different presentation styles. With Splendid ​Palate, you can craft an unforgettable dining experience that your guests will never forget. Plus, our ​24/7 client support team is always available to assist you every step of the way.

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Who We Are

Splendid Palate, LLC. is a registered, for-profit company incorporated in the commonwealth of ​Virginia in 2022. The founders Earl Francis and Laura Borland are seasoned entrepreneurs who are ​passionate about building business connections for chefs to clients who want to book them


Splendid Palate is dedicated to providing a secure, straightforward platform for customers to find and ​book private chefs for any occasion. We strive to empower clients to enjoy delicious meals with peace ​of mind knowing they’re booking experienced chefs with excellent reputations..


Our vision is to become the leading provider of private chef services worldwide, connecting clients ​with talented chefs in their area and beyond. We aim to provide an easy-to-use platform for customers ​to find the perfect chef for their event at a reasonable price. We also seek to foster long-term ​relationships with our clients and chefs by continuing to improve our services and ensure satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Splendid Palate?

Splendid Palate is a private chef booking platform and online marketplace where professional chefs can ​create business pages, showcase their culinary creations, and connect with customers who are looking ​for private chefs for their events.

How do I sign up for a private chef booking platform?

Signing up for a private chef booking platform is easy. For members, just create an account, fill out your ​profile, and add any necessary information about your events in which you would need to have a private ​chef. For chefs, you must first apply and consent to a background check. Once approved, chefs, like you, ​set up their business page. Then, start connecting with potential clients by showcasing your culinary ​creations.

Are there any fees associated with signing up for a private chef booking platform?

For clients, there are no fees. For chefs, yes, there are fees associated with signing up and securing a ​business page with us. The fee is a one-time charge of $150. This covers a background check, Splendid ​Palate culinary apparel, a business page, promotion, and access to potential clients.

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