Registration Process
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Step 1
Background Check Consent
All chefs must pass a 3rd party background check in order to be available for bookings on the Splendid Palate platform. We encourage you to apply even if you have had a criminal record. Integral Security Group, which is the company performing the applicant verification, reviews a variety of data to make an approval decision.
Please select to proceed
Completing this application requires a one-time payment of $150.
$100 is refunded if the applicant fails the verification process.
If successfully verified, the one-time fee of $150, which covers the background check, Splendid Palate’s administrative fees, and Splendid Palate’s starter pack merchandise will be applied and is non-refundable.
Step 2
Profile information
Profile Picture
Step 3
Profile Set Up Continued
Step 4
You'll get this gear once approved!
Double Breasted
Double Breasted Black
White apron
Black apron
White Chef's Hat
Black Chef's Hat
10 Shopping Bags
2 Insulated Bags
Next, Payment
To complete the application process, you will need to pay $150